Usb 3.0 Docking Station, Compatible With Windows Macos, Dual Dvi Docking Station Supports Dual Monitors, Dvi To Hdmi & Dvi To Vga Adapters Included (Usb3sdockdd) By



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尺寸2xdvi + Hdmivga Adapters
产品类别Computer add on
颜色Black & Silver
  • UNIVERSAL DOCKING STATION: The laptop docking station is compatible with all PC laptops (Windows 7 and up) and MacBook laptops (macOS 10.6 and later) equipped with USB-A ports.
  • CONNECT DUAL MONITORS: Hook up two displays to this dual monitor docking station using the two DVI ports. Adapters for DVI to HDMI and DVI to VGA are included.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Small and slim in design, this aluminum USB docking station takes up very little room on a desk. The dock can be placed flat on a desk or upright with the included stand.
  • MORE PORTS: Connect multiple peripherals to this USB dock with five USB Type-A ports including two Fast Charge ports for charging mobile devices, DVI ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, and a headset jack.
  • FASTER CONNECTIONS: Leave all your peripherals hooked up to the USB 3.0 docking station and quickly connect your PC or MacBook laptop with a single USB-A cable (included) for a full workstation.

compact universal usb 3.0 docking station for laptops

the usb3sdockdd is a compact & convenient solution for adding more connectivity options to any pc laptop or macbook equipped with a usb 3.0 type-a port. This laptop docking station takes up very little room on a desk but is powerful enough to create a full workstation. It can be laid flat or sit upright with the included stand.

multitask with dual displays

increase your production & multitask easily with this dual monitor docking station. Connect two monitors to the laptop dock with the two dvi ports to view content at a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1152p on each. For flexibility & greater compatibility, two dvi adapters are included to hook up vga & hdmi monitors. This range of video output options makes the laptop dock great for hot-desking & hoteling. The ability to view video & data on two monitors plus a laptop also makes it a great choice for designers, it administrators & anyone working with graphically intense applications.

more ports & connectivity capabilities

connect an assortment of peripherals in addition to your laptop with this usb 3.0 dock. With five usb type-a ports you can hook up multiple usb devices such as a printer & hard drive. Two of the usb ports are fast charge ports for quickly charging mobile devices. It also includes an ethernet port for your router, dvi ports to connect dual monitors, & a headset jack.

fast connections & faster setup

this usb docking station lets you connect & disconnect your laptop quickly & with ease. Keep all your peripherals hooked up to the dock & with the included usb type-a cable you can quickly connect your laptop to all of them.