Soul Insole Micro-size Premium Orthotic | Relieve Plantar Fascitis & Heel Spurs Symptoms | Promotes Good Posture, Balance & Alignment For All Day



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尺寸Youth 3-6 | Women 2.5-5.5
产品类别Health personal care
品牌Soul Insole
生产厂Soul Insole
  • Micro-size maximum comfort orthotic that fit into any shoe even sandals, dress shoes and high heels. Save hundreds & have support in the shoes you actually wear. No more needing to buy shoes one size larger to fit a comfortable orthotic insole.
  • Reduces pressure from the forefoot and heel by suspension and redistributing the pressure evenly. Use for both high arches and flat feet alike
  • Prevents over-pronation and helps relieve symptoms of plantar fasciitis
  • Stays firmly in place, yet can move from shoe to shoe. Washable and reusable - simply rinse with water and adhesive renews
  • Medical grade gel -, odorless, soft, flexible, long life expectancy

Shoe bubble insole is a minimal, non-bulky shoe insert that assists with arch support, foot alignment, & foot stability. The polyurethane gel material offers stability, support, & comfort & features an incredible combination of shock absorption, memory, & resilience. Shoe Bubble Insoles Are A Great, Cost-efficient Alternative To Full-length Arch Support Inserts & Are Long-lasting Due To Its Material & Renewable Adhesive.product Features: Minimal In Size & Does Not Add Extra Bulk Clear Thin Insert Not Readily Visible & Is Ideal For Sandals, Open Heeled Shoes, & Tight Fitting Shoes Reduces Heel Slip Adds Arch Support & Alleviates Pressure For All-day Comfort Works For Both High Arches & Flat Feet Alike Stays Firmly In Place, Yet Can Be Transferred From Shoe To Shoe Can Be Comfortably Used Underneath Or On Top Of The Shoes Footbed Promotes Good Balance & Proper Alignment All Day Reduces Stress On Ankles, Knees, Hips, & Spine Helps To Relieve Symptoms Of Plantar Fasciitis Biomechanically Designed Has Medial, Lateral & Transverse Arch Support To Keep Feet In Alignment & Aid In Balance Washable & Long-lasting Made Of Medical Grade Gel That Offers: Anti-shock, High Elasticity, Antibacterial, Odorless, Soft, Flexible, Smooth, Clear Color, Maintains Shape, Long Life Expectancy Weighs: 0.7 Oz (Size Small) Ideal For: Activity Type: Walking, Standing, Casual, Pro Sports Shoe Type: Tight Fitting Shoes, Sandals, Open Heeled, Casual & Dress Shoes Arch Type: All Arch Types (High Arch, Neutralmedium Arch, Low Archflat Feet) Pain Relief: Plantar-fasciitis, Over-pronation, Heel Pain, Neuroma, Heel Spurs, Flat Feet, High Arches, Pressure From Heel & Forefoot Wearingfitting Directions: Place Insole About Halfway Between Front & Back Of Shoe For Most Shoes: Stick The Insole Directly On Top Of The Footbed Match Line On Insole To Halfway Between Front & Back Of Shoe

Soul Insole