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General article name: isms genre: rock englischsprachig product type: cd label: ipecac number of tracks: 19 duration: 62:25 tracklist cd - 1 1. Flat earth society - de vrachtwagen 1 1:09 2. Flat earth society - o.p.e.n.e.r. 4:00 3. Flat earth society - ich kann ohne euch nicht sein 1:00 4. Flat earth society - tibbe en bibi fietsen huiswaarts 0:19 5. Flat earth society - pune 4:58 6. Flat earth society - tibbe hoort iets 0:52 7. Flat earth society - zonk 5:29 8. Flat earth society - minoes op boodschap 1:43 9. Flat earth society - funeral & binche 6:18 10. Flat earth society - woeful message from the vlf 5:11 11. Flat earth society - de zoekactie 3:34 12. Flat earth society - trap 8:13 13. Flat earth society - naar de emmalaan 0:25 14. Flat earth society - (little) king ink 8:26 15. Flat earth society - een nest jongen 0:27 16. Flat earth society - ellemeet en de katten 2:11 17. Flat earth society - marche des lames 6:18 18. Flat earth society - stilleven met jakkepoes 0:56 19. Flat earth society - de vrachtwagen 2 0:56 description description love him or hate him, mike patton has very eclectic taste in music, & he's putting his money where his mouth is with the ipecac label. Earlier in 2004, he had licensed eyvind kang's beautiful virginal co ordinates from the italian i dischi di angelica label, now he turns to belgium (!) to give wider exposure to the flat earth society, a progressive big band formed from two defunct belgian groups, x-legged sally & fukkeduk. The resulting album, isms, draws from their four prior releases & presents a band capable of everything from beautiful chamber jazz miniatures to slinky crime-theme jazz noir to driving rock rhythms. The shorter pieces tend to be cues from their minoes soundtrack album, & often serve as interludes between longer pieces. As mentioned, several of the tracks ("o.p.e.n.e.r.," "zonk," "de zoekactie") could have been put to good use the theme for some crime drama. "pune" sounds something like an asian brass band with crazed galloping percussion & a manic kazoo solo that sounds something like rahsaan roland kirk playing kazoo instead of flute. "funeral & binche" starts out like new orleans funeral music, then shifts gears & becomes quite exuberant. "ellemeet en de katten" is a short but menacing piece that contrasts nicely with the moody, nocturnal bass, rhodes, & vibes of "tibbe hoort iets." the songs are all very approachable, but there's plenty of punch in the playing & soloing & great detailed arrangements. Fans of progressive jazz orchestras & big bands like pierre dørge's new jungle orchestra, sun ra, & even frank zappa should find a lot to enjoy here. ~ Sean Westergaard Sean Westergaard Contributors Artist: Flat Earth Society Group Member: Luc Van Lieshout Group Member: Teun Verbruggen Group Member: Eric Morel Group Member: Stefaan Blancke Keyboards: Peter Vandenberghe Percussion: Roel Poriau Xylophone: Tom Wouters Group Member: Jan De Backer Mastering: Karel De Back