Doug: The Complete Nickelodeon Series



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Tune in to over 20 hours of doug funnie, the new kid in bluffington. His life may appear to be pretty average, but with the help of his friends skeeter & beebe, his crush patti mayonnaise, the school bully roger, & his trusty journal, it's anything but! Check out these 52 episodes for some righteous rock & roll from doug & skeeter's favorite band, the beets, fly off on crime fighting crusades when doug imagines that he & his dog, porkchop, are heroes quailman & quaildog, fighting off evil villains like dr. Klotzenstein. Watch as doug's artsy sister judy gives new meaning to the phrase, "all the world's a stage." & of course, be there for doug as he endlessly tries to win over the object of his affection, patti. From competing in a cooking competition, to surviving a bad picture day at school, to being mayor for a day, check out the not so-average adventures of doug & all his pals.

disc 1:

doug bags a neematoad

doug can't dancedoug gets busted

doug's dog datedoug's big nose

doug takes a hikedoug rocks

doug can't dig itdoug didn't do it

mayor for a daydoug's no dummy

doug's cool shoesdoug to the rescue

doug gets his ears lowereddoug on the wild side

doug's big catchdoug needs money

disc 2:

doug’s runaway journaldoug's doodle

doug's cookin'doug loses dale

doug is quailmanout in left field

doug's fair ladydoug says goodbye

doug takes the casedoug's secret song

doug's got no giftdoug vs. The klotzoid zombies

doug's secret admirerdoug's on tv

doug's dinner datedoug meets fentruck

doug's on stagedoug's worst nightmare

disc 3:

doug's derby dilemmadoug on his own

doug battles the rulemeisterdoug's a genius

doug saves rogerdoug's big news

doug's a big fat liardoug wears tights

doug on the traildoug meets robobone

doug pumps updoug goes hollywood

doug's hot ticketdoug's dental disaster

doug's lost weekenddoug's lucky hat

doug's fat catdoug & patti p.i.

Disc 4:

Doug Is Slave For A Daydoug Rocks The House

Doug's Comic Collaborationdoug's Pet Capades

Doug's Career Anxietydoug's Big Brawl

Doug's Huge Zitdoug Flies A Kite

Doug & The Weird Kidsdoug Behind The Wheel

Doug's New Teacherdoug On First

Doug's Cartoondoug's Monster Movie

Doug's Hot Propertydoug & The Little Liar

Doug Inc.doug's Nightmare On Jumbo Street

Disc 5:

Doug's Shock Therapydoug Is Hamburger Boy

Doug & The Yard Of Doomdoug's Garage Band

Doug’s Great Beet Wardoug's Magic Act

Doug's Math Problemdoug's Big Feat

Doug's Bum Rapdoug & Patti Sittin' In A Tree

Doug Door To Doordoug Tips The Scales

Doug's Halloween Adventure

Doug En Voguedoug's Mail Order Mania

Disc 6:

Doug's Birthday Presentdoug's Fan Club

Doug Runsdoug Clobbers Patti

Doug's Treasure Huntdoug's Brainy Buddy

Doug Ripped Off!doug's Babysitter

Doug's Christmas Story

Doug's In The Moneydoug's Sister Act

Doug Throws A Partydoug Way Out West

Doug Graduatesdoug's Bad Trip